Psychometric Assessment

AB & Associates is the Sole Representative of Thomas International in Egypt, it has introduced one of the most essential

360 Report

Thomas 360 is a web-based tool and an objective assessment that gives you clear and honest feedback…

Competency Assessment

Competency assessment is the process of looking into the current skill levels of leaders and the potential competencies …

Thomas International

Assessment Solutions

AB & Associates is the Sole Representative of Thomas International in Egypt, it has introduced one of the most essential tools to evaluate your personality under four factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance

Thomas Assessment is registered, validated & recognized by the British Psychologist Society (BPS) based on their validity, reliability, and accuracy. Based on William Moulton’s DISC Assessment theory, Thomas International’s behavioral aptitude and ability tests analyze people’s behavioral traits at work, identify their strengths and limitations, and measure their mental horsepower to enable employers to understand, realize, and develop the full potential of their staff and provide the tools to make their people profitable.

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Personality Profile Analysis Programs

The Thomas Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) is a comprehensive assessment that identifies individual’s working strengths, fears, motivators and value to the organization, behavioral styles, personality characteristics, aptitude (or cognitive abilities) and provides information on an assessment taker’s fears, motivators, values and behavioral style using four main profile factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.
The PPA can also be used as a tool to back up your recruitment decisions, identify talents and successors. Since the PPA makes employers aware of their employee’s work styles, it also improves people management through a greater understanding of why people behave the way they do.

Emotional Intelligence

Thomas’ emotional intelligence assessment, Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue), can help your business understand employee’s emotions and how they approach the emotions of others in the workplace and can help you recruit more effectively manage your people better, equip your managers with the skills they need to be more successful. Emotional intelligence can give people the edge they need to lead, manage and perform in today’s competitive and complex marketplace.


Thomas 360

Thomas 360 is a web-based tool and an objective assessment that gives you clear and honest feedback from a range of people within your organization as clients, line managers, team members, and peers. It aims to reflect a great effect as a self-awareness tool for your leadership or management development program. Not only it improves your communication skills, but also, it will guide you to identify your development needs as well as create a better team environment and increase your team’s and improve communication, identify development needs, create a better team environment and increase team effectiveness.

General Intelligence Analysis (GIA)    

General Intelligence Analysis is an aptitude and ability assessment that measures person’s fluid intelligence. GIA is a series of ‘ability’ rather than ‘intelligence’ tests and include verbal reasoning, perceptual speed, number speed and accuracy, spatial visualization and word meaning, will give you a much better indication of how successful a candidate will be in your business. It can be used in succession planning and development, as well as recruitment; it can provide you with an accurate prediction of a person’s potential to grasp a new role/regime. It will help you identify your high flyers and give you the tools to understand how to develop them.


An employee engagement survey measures and assesses how motivated and importantly, engaged your employees are to perform their best at work. A well defined and created employee engagement survey will give insights into employees thoughts, attitudes and overall wellbeing. It Establish the levels of engagement within your organization and identify strategies and initiatives to enhance employee wellbeing, motivation and productivity.


High Potential Trait Indicator, Leadership and potential assessment, enables the organization to manage and determine the leadership characteristics of employees and candidates in addition to:
• Succession Planning
• Leadership Development
• Leadership Teamwork
• Graduate Recruitment
• Employee Retention & Engagement

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Samples Of Our Competency Assessment Solutions

Role play

Role play:

Each candidate will be given a case to read, then have a 30 minute meeting with an AB & Associates facilitator who will be playing the a specific role in the case. The role play will be observed by our certified assessors who will document the evidence and give scores accordingly

Business case

Business case:

AB & Associates assessors will pick a case from Harvard library to match the competencies agreed on with the Client. Each individual will work on a case chosen to fit the competencies for his/her position. Through reading, analyzing and preparing, each candidate will come up with a decision and strategy.

Competency based interview

Competency based interview:

CBIs are customized interviews in which each question targets a specific skill or competency. Candidates are asked questions related to their behavior in specific circumstances at work and they need to back up their answers with concrete examples.