About Thomas International

About Thomas International

About Thomas International

‘AB &Associates' has positioned itself as one of the few specialized companies in the field of Assessment & Development Centers in Egypt. Being the sole licensee of 'Thomas International' Assessment Provider in Egypt; we worked on the customization and deployment of different sets of assessment activities suiting the needs of our clients that were conducted at multinational organizations as well as governmental institutions.

‘AB &Associates' offers assessment services to provide professional guidance to organizations through Training Needs Analysis, Talent identification, Talent Management or Succession Panning by allocating the right people in the right positions while recruiting, promoting or laying off employees.

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Personality Profile Analysis                                                                 

A comprehensive assessment of an individual’s working strengths, fears, motivators and value to the organisation. Includes how they are likely to behave under pressure, how they modify their behavior in their current job and any frustrations they may be facing.

Strengths & Limitations

It gives a fast, effective overview of the behavioral strengths and limitations of the individual.

Training Needs
It identifies likely training needs and details competences and weaknesses.

Leadership Skills
It a comprehensive report that gives insights about the person’s Strengths & Limitations in the context of his Leadership potentials.  The report covers 9 fundamental leadership skills / style / competences based on his common work behaviors determined through his personality profile. These competences / Skills are Communication Style, Presentation Style, Decision Making Style, Meeting Deadlines and Time Management skills, Goal Focus ability, Administration skills, Planning and Problem Solving skills, Ensuring Quality and Accuracy skills, and Handling Criticism and Aggression. Finally, the report recommends the essential Training & Development Needs for the person which would help him come over his limitations.

Customer Service Audit
It gives qualitative insights about a person working in the field of Customer Service describing how that person will behave at workplace regarding; Understanding client needs, Handling Criticism & Aggression, Responsiveness, Presentation & Communication Skills, Creativity & Problem Solving, and Goal Orientation. 


Sales Audit
Details a person’s likely ability to open and close a sale and service clients, as well as reporting on their presentation style and administrative ability.


Human Job Analysis 
Thomas job profiling tools match people to positions, helping you recruit the right person for the job first time. Working in tandem with Thomas PPA, job profiling enables you to quickly and effectively profile the job you are recruiting for and compare it with the behavioral profile of your candidates - giving you an external, expert opinion on the ‘goodness of fit’ between a candidate’s profile and the required profile for the role.

Job Compatibility                                                                                                   
Job profiling complements the psychometric profiling that Thomas PPA delivers. Both enable you to ‘fit’ job and candidate together seamlessly. By comparing a PPA profile against that of a job profile you are able to assess how well a person would ‘fit’ the role. Job profiling ensures you make the right recruitment decision and provides objectivity that can be used to support your own ‘gut feeling’.

Emotional Intelligence                                                                                    
Thomas’ Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire is an accurate and objective way to measure emotional competences in the work context can help you recruit more effectively manage your people better, equip your managers with the skills they need to be more successful. Emotional intelligence can give people the edge they need to lead, manage and perform in today’s competitive and complex marketplace.

Thomas 360                                                                                                         
Thomas 360 is an easily accessible, web based tool that gives objective and honest feedback from a range of people within the organization such as peers, line managers or even team members and outside such as clients or suppliers. The 360 report presents a complete and informed picture of a person. 360 can be used to great effect as a self-awareness tool prior to running a leadership or management development program. Similarly, it can be used prior to an appraisal or performance review – 360 would add another dimension. 360 is a powerful tool – it can increase and improve communication, identify development needs, create a better team environment and increase team effectiveness.

General Intelligence Analysis (GIA)                                                               
GIA is an aptitude and ability tests that measure a person’s fluid intelligence. GIA assessment is completed online. The test is an accurate and reliable predictor of a person’s development potential – how quickly they can learn and retain new skills and procedures. GIA is a series of ‘ability’ rather than ‘intelligence’ tests and include verbal reasoning, perceptual speed, number speed and accuracy, spatial visualization and word meaning, will give you a much better indication of how successful a candidate will be in your business. It can be used in succession planning and development, as well as recruitment;it can provide answers to questions such as: Can this person think on their feet? Can they cope with the mental demands of the job? Could this person be a high flyer? Is this person a problem solver? To what degree can this person respond to training?