Leadership & Management

Leadership & Management

AB & Associates has also been one of the first companies in the country to adopt the “Management Development Tracks Concept – MDTC” for Middle Managers. MTDC is mainly concerned with formulating customized Management Development tracks for specific companies with the right mix of assessment tools, courses/modules and simulations and assignments.


All the tracks are designed based on the organizational competencies, and customized on different phases; Self, People, Operation and Results Orientation.

Furthermore, each module is designed based on each phase to cover every competency.

The Track approach has been defined to fulfill the five following aspects;

INTEGRATION: The design and compilation of the components for any track should provide a comprehensive/integrated solution allowing for real impact on the performance of the target participants.

RELEVANCE: The Modules have to serve overall awareness as well as key messages coming from within the company’s strategy. They have to prove very relevant to what the company is experiencing as well as its REAL strategic.

PRACTICALITY & USABILITY: The Modules have to include a practical side answering the question of “How to implement what they learned” in their day-to-day operations – Training will be very focused on applications and business simulations trying to bridge the gaps between training sessions and live field operations.

CONTINUITY: The Modules are a thread serving one concept serving strategy alignment with a number of cases, discussions building on the previous module key learning points. The intervals between Phases will be an excellent chance to reflect and contemplate what was learned through some interim assignments and trials (to be agreed upon from the Management team).

SIMULATIONS: The Modules of any track are very much in line with a more proactive learning technique of Business Simulations. They allow the participants to try out running the business of the company from different business aspects and get to learn far quicker and better than standard training courses.