Assessment Solution

Assessment Solution

Assessment Center Methodology

prior to any assessment activity, our assessors will hold meetings with the HR department to identify competencies to be assessed in order to reach the desired outcome whether TNA, Talent identification, Talent Management or Succession Panning. Based on the client request, our assessors provide an integrated solution of multiple assessment tools to assess competencies using the right methodologies and international licensed tools. Assessment methodology may include only the psychometric part (Thomas International) up to a full assessment center depending on the Client requests

Psychometric Assessment                                                                                 

Assessment Process starts by the Psychometric Assessment provided by ‘Thomas International’. To measure how compatible each candidate is to his/her current job or to his/her future job; our certified assessors identify type of reports that matches the client need

Role Play                                                                                                                      

Role play is defined as "the changing of one's behavior to fulfill a social role" i.e. each employee will be asked consciously to act a certain role; Role Plays are used to assess the competencies earlier identified by the HR in which a professional role player from AB&Associates will act his role upon preset directions to test the competencies in more than one way. Our assessment tools are from AC-EXS® which is the world’s widest range of Assessment and Development Centre Exercises, specifically designed to give you the predictive power to find the right people for your organization


Situational Judgment (SJTs)                                                                                     

 SJTs are type of tests that present each candidate with realistic, hypothetical scenarios and ask the individual to identify the most appropriate response or to rank the responses in the order each feel is most effective. In our assessments we utilize HRDQ which is a full line of easy-to-use personality style assessment solutions that shed light on key aspects of organizational life, from communication and leadership to team building, sales, time management, coaching, and more. SJTs Series is an excellent way to introduce personality style assessment to help others understand why people act the way they do


Case Study/ Analysis Presentation                                                                        

One of the ways of assessing competencies is presenting candidates by case studies. In our assessments we select cases from HBR (Harvard Business Review); case studies are written by professors at HBS and at renowned business programs worldwide and focus on actual problems and decisions companies face. Business cases are of different types i.e. can be done per candidate or per group depends mainly on type of competencies that are to be assessed. After the case study ends an analysis presentation is required from the candidate to further illustrate assessed competencies, during the analysis presentation our certified assessors probe the decision making and strategy used to reach a decision


Reasoning Assessment                                                                                                 

Numeric Reasoning Measures financial skills by providing information either in a graph, a table or a narrative form that requires you to interpret it and then apply appropriate logic to answer the related question. Examinees are allowed to use calculators.

Critical Reasoning questions are designed to test your analytical ability to take a series of facts expressed in words and to understand and manipulate the information to solve a specific problem

Abstract Reasoning questions test your ability to identify patterns presented in diagrammatic form and are not dependent on your knowledge of English and math. Abstract Reasoning tests are considered to be an accurate indicator of your general intellectual ability and how fast you can learn new things.