Online Campaign

Online Campaign

Get your Assessment today!

Just for a limited time, AB & Associates would like to announce that you can now know your personality analysis. All what you will need to do is to:

1-Choose which assessment you would like to have (Managing Remote Workers, PPA Personal Profile Analysis or HPTI High Potential Trait Indicator) then click on its picture for more details

Upon processing the payment, please make sure to fill in your details in our form to be able to send you Thomas International link.

A- Thomas International - Managing Remote Workers

B- Thomas International - Personal Profile Analysis

C- Thomas International - High Potential Trait Indicator

2-Pricing for Thomas assessment report will be as follows:

-Managing Remote Workers Report EGP 840
-PPA Report EGP 1,260
-HPTI Report EGP 1,680
Get Two Reports (PPA + Managing Remote Working) now with a discounted price for a limited time!

3- After choosing what you would like to take, please click buy now for the payment.

4- After the payment is processed, you will be directed to our form. Please make sure to fill all your details.

5- In case you were not directed to our form, please click here

6- You will receive your invoice as well as Thomas International Assessment link within 24 hours.

7- Lastly, please wait for our team's email for your results within 48 hours.

In case you have found any technical issue, please email:

For Corporate deals and Multiple Assessments, please email:


For the online assessments’ cancellation policy, please note that no refund will be provided unless there was a technical issue disabled the report to be sent. In this case, we will need you to send to: with the following details:

  • Date & Time
  • Amount
  • Account Owner’s name and number

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